Carnival 2K17 is in the air- what to do?

      Are you ready for  Carnival 2017?

      Also this year Venice is waiting for you!

      Magnificient days and nights towards entertainment,culture and romanticism.


      Mask Making

      What a beautiful is a gondola tour along Gran Canal, to visit Basilica dei Frari, majestic and suggestive architectural building into the heart of the city,a colorful workshop in our Atelier in which you can learn how to decorate your own paper maché  mask with Carlo and his staff.

      Paint your mask with us!!



      Close to our store you could find other great works to visit, as Scuola Grande di San Rocco and Casa di Goldoni.

      Keep stolling to Rialto and sip a cocktail at Fontego dei Tedeschi which will give you a suggestive and spectacular view on the city.


      Wonderful view from Fontaco

       Arrive to San Marco square and take a break at the typical venetian osteria and eat our famous “cicchetti” with a good wine glass.

      Close to San Marco square you could find other two Marega stores and Renzo, Alvise and Ivona will be glad to help you in your shopping.









      If you want to close your holiday in Venice with a masquerade Ball , Atelier Marega will be delight to rent magnificient costumes hand made.

      For a magic night….where the time never stop…..

      So, what are you doing?  Are you still dreaming Venice?  or Did you already book your Venetian stay for Carnival 2017?

      We hope you will enjoy your Venice Carnival, buy the real Venetian handmade.

      For more information and the program for your Venetian stay  visit the official web site  Carnival of Venice 2017 

      Casanova Grand Ball – The Forbidden Offer: Full Ticket and Costume for 2017 Carnival of Venice

        Casanova Grand Ball 2017 Edition has an amazing and mysterious theme: “The Forbidden Game”.

        In order to book your tickets for this event, organized by our Atelier on Saturday, 25th February (last Saturday of Carnival in Venice), there are three options available. It is possible to book a Full Ticket – 650,00 Euro (evening starting at 8.00 p.m.) or an After Dinner Ticket – 200,00 Euro (evening starting at 11.30 p.m.)

        The Casanova Grand Ball is a masked ball. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect outfit (1700 or 1800 style) you might want to book our Forbidden Offer which includes:

        Full Ticket + Historical Costume
        1.050,00 Euro per person

        Casanova Grand Ball - The Forbidden Offer

        The Forbidden Offer

        (STARTS AT 8.00 PM – ENDS AT 3.30 AM)

        Welcome show with welcome cocktail
        Dinner Gala (served at the table) in the main hall of the Palace (Palazzo Zeno)
        Entertainment Of various kinds during the Gala dinner
        Live Music
        Gran Ballo in Maschera
        Open Bar, and frittole galani
        USB key with 3 professional pictures selected from our photographer

        And also…

        Rental of one of our costumes that will be selected in base of your size and your preference from our catalogue
        Rental of all the accessories such as simple wig, shoes, velvet cape or wool cape
        Fitting appointment that will last 30 minutes for each person


        In order to book this special offer, please contact us at


        Atelier Marega and the 2016 Black Friday

          Atelier Marega’s Black Friday is back this year too!

          Atelier Marega Black Friday 2016


          On Friday, 25th, Saturday, 26th and Sunday, 27th November, use the promotional code “Black Friday 2016” to get 15% discount on all our masks.

          Just have a look to our masks’ online catalogue and choose your favorite ones.

          This Christmas buy an handmade and original present for your beloved ones: all our masks are handmade in our Atelier in Venice. A piece from our extraordinary city could be the gift you are looking for!

          Halloween Masks Ideas from Venice

            Today is the first day of Autumn and it’s time to start thinking about Halloween, the main feast of this season.

            If you are looking for something new, extravagant, different from any other Halloween masks or costumes, then you are in the right place!

            We have prepared a selection of Halloween Masks from our collection of Venetian Masks: they are made of papier machè or metal, they are modern or traditional, for adults or for children.

            Touch Me

            Our masks from the “Touch me” series are perfect as Halloween Masks: all hand-made and hand-decorated.

            Only on our Etsy shop, discover the mask “Touch Me-Colombina”:


            In this collection we combined traditional masks’ shape with hands: all is made of papier machè. They are all fully decorated and stunning!

            Doctor with Hands V38

            Devil with Hand V37

            Zanni with Hand V36

            Sexy Mask

            The metal masks are as well perfect as Halloween Masks: they are all made with laser cut technique and further embellished Swarovski crystals. 

            Bat Z15

            Spider Web Z14

            Little Fox Z07

            Smoking Z03

            Historical Masks

            If you are instead looking for a traditional Venetian mask, these are just few examples of Historical Masks from the Venetian Tradition or from the Commedia dell’Arte:


            Rook Mask M71

            Scaramuche Mask M67

            Plague's Doctor with Painting M33

            The Jesters is a typical Hallowen mask: discover all our Jesters mask on our Etsy Shop:


            What about kids? They are probably the ones who love more to get dressed and use costumes and masks. Discover our special collection of small little masks on our Etsy Shop!


            What if our lives are nothing but a calculation? Disover it at the Fifty Shades of Casanova Grand Ball 2016 in Venice

              Numbers and passion will be the central theme of Fifty Shades of Casanova Grand Ball, with the presence of an expert and artist who will read our secrets still hidden in our names and destinies: Geraldo Lafratta, who has practiced the numerology science for last 15 years.


              Numerology: what is it?

              Numerology is the study of ourselves, based on the assignment of numerical values to the letters of our name and surname, and our date of birth. Popular was the practice of numerology among persons of the past such as St. Augustine and especially Pythagoras. It has always been easy to know their own talents and their own destiny through numerology.

              50 (1)

              During the Grand Ball, every guest will have the chance to get to know a bit more of him/herself, sitting on a special passion sofa that…. Well, we don’t want to tell you everything! Let’s leave a bit of surprise and mistery to this magic event.


              We can’t wait to open the door of Palazzo Zeno to all of you!

              Amazing Opening of Carnival in Venice 2016

                What to do in Venice during Carnival and beyond!

                  Carnival in Venice is approching and we would like to suggest you some ideas to plan your visit to Venice and experience the best!
                  Luch or dinner at Ristorante Le Maschere close to San Marco Square or at Osteria al Cason, near our Atelier

                  Have a lot of Fun!

                  Fifty Shades of Casanova Grand Ball 2016, Venice 6th February

                    After the great success of the Casanova Grand Ball last years’ editions, Atelier Marega is glad to present you Fifty Shades of Casanova Grand Ball, on the last Saturday of Carnival in Venice, the 6th of February 2016.

                    The theme chosen for this year is the Love in the fifty and more ways in which it could be experienced and especially in those ways that have been experienced by Giacomo Casanova.

                    Casanova will lead you to what promises to be a magical journey of discovery of love in its most varied facets, love sweet and tender, passionate, love for the game and for good food, love and pains of love, in short, love for life. The noble Casanova was a man of great culture: he devoted himself to a military career, he was a poet and biographer but, above all, he was a man of love. He succeeded in making love the true essence of his life.

                    The theme chosen will also tell you something about yourself as you will discover the most important numbers of your life!

                    In the majestic and picturesque setting of the noble Venetian Palace Ca’ Zeno, in proximity to the Basilica dei Frari, at 8.oo pm the magic will start and it will last for the whole night. In the courtyard of the palace, a welcome cocktail will receive you by cheering and entertaining you with the live performances of our artists.

                    Have a look at the video of last year, by clicking on the picture:

                    Casanova Grand Ball 2015

                    This will be just the beginning of a sweet and attractive promenade hand in hand along the silky way of love of Casanova.

                    At 11.30 pm, in the nightclub inside Palazzo Zen, the Gran Ballo in Maschera will start with our DJ Andrea: his music is powerful mix of rhythms of different kinds. Animators and dancers will involve you in an overwhelming show where you will be the only stars! Guests may also relax in the lounge area: the open bar service will guarantee you drinks, hot drinks and sweet treats accompanied by Venetian frittolle and galani (traditional Carnival sweet in Venice).

                    The amazing atmoshpere will also be made by the dress code and the costumes you will wear at the Grand Ball. This is why we are happy to announce you this great opportunity:


                    Contact us to know more about our Shades Offer! And look for your favorite historical costumes here.

                    Atelier Marega & Marega Events in Venice invite you to take part to this adventure!

                    Venice Carnival 2016

                      CREATUM introducing Arts and Traditions

                      Saturday 23rd January – Tuesday 9th February
                      Marco Maccapani: Artistic Director
                      Venice Carnival 2016
                      ” Names of alleys (calli) and small town squares (campi) like “calle del forno”, “ruga dei oresi”, “campiello del remer”, “fondamenta dei vetrai”, “calle dei fuseri” or “frezzaria” are a tribute to the arts and trades and artisans and their mastery recount Venice’s unique history.

                      We are proudly part of these traditions as mask-makers. This is why we hope that, since this year Arts and Trades are the protagonists in the Carnival of Venice 2016, artisans and handmade crafts will be at the center of your attention! 



                      It all begins on 23rd January with the annual Festa Veneziana, held in the area of Cannaregio. The Carnival celebrations will be opened with a theme-based event on the water and on the banks. The day after, the Festa Veneziana and its Historical Parade of decorated boats (Corteo storico di imbarcazioni addobbate): the tradition of Venetian rowing embraces the Carnival by offering the public present along the Rio di Cannaregio, famous dishes in the Venetian cuisine – from fried sardines in a sweet-and-sour onion gravy (sarde in saor) and bigoli pasta served with an anchovy and onion sauce (bigoi in salsa) to sweets and soft fritters (fritole).

                      Saturday, 30th January, St. Mark’s Square – an extraordinary stage opens to the public and Venetian arts and traditions come alive with their old workshops; visitors become part of a film set. A bridge for a stage and a Ferris wheel for the Angel’s arrival – organized by scenographers from La Fenice Opera House– all to complete the set of a fairy-tale, where much-awaited traditional engagements come to life: the Festa delle Marie, historical parade of the 12 girls in magnificent Renaissance costumes; Sunday 31st January, the Flight of the Angel from St. Mark’s Bell tower, performed by Irene Rizzi, (2015 “Maria” Carnival winner).

                      In the week before Lent, from Thursday 4th to Tuesday 9th February an explosion of events, parties, parades:

                      Saturday 6th February: Fifty Shades of Casanova Grand Ball 2016, at Zeno Palace, near Frari Church, organized by our Atelier. Participants will be amused by Casananova and will enjoy a wonderful and magic night!


                      Sunday 7th February, at St. Mark’s Square, the finals of the Best Mask Competition, the Flight of the Eagle from St. Mark’s Bell Tower to the late – night celebrations at the Arsenale.
                      The Grand Final on Shrove Tuesday, when the 2016 Venice Carnival celebrates the glory of San Marco with the Volo del Leon, – the majestic St. Mark’s flag – the winged lion on a red background – that rendered the Serenissima Republic immortal in the Mediterranean area and in the eyes of the world.

                      Few days to the beginning of Carnival in Venice 2016. Since now Atelier Marega hope that ill enjoy the most wonderful Carnival in the world!

                      Black Friday in Venice Too

                        The Black Friday arrives in Venice too!

                        Atelier Marega offers you 20% discount on all its masks in its online shop. Just write the promotional code “BlackFriday” at the moment of your order and the new price will be calculated immediately.


                        Black Friday in Venice

                        Black Friday in Venice

                        For this Christmas choose an handmade Venetian present for your beloved!

                        The Feast of St. Martin in Venice

                          The feast of St. Martin in Venice is still celebrated and it’s particularly loved by children: on this day, kids go around the shops in Venice, making noises with pots and bells, asking for gifts and coins, and singing the song of St. Martin. It may remember of Halloween, despite the fact that kids are not in costumes.

                          [ITA] San Martin xe nda’ in soffita

                          a trovar ea so novissa,

                          so novissa no ghe gera

                          san Martin xe ‘nda col cul par tera,

                          e col nostro sacchetin,

                          cari signori xe san martin,

                          FORA EL SOLDIN!!!


                          Festa di San Martino a Venezia

                          Festa di San Martino a Venezia

                          [ENG] St Martin goes on the attic

                          To find his girlfriend

                          But his girlfriend wasn’t there

                          St Martin fell on his a**

                          And we are here with our tiny bags

                          Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s St Martin’s Day

                          Give us your money!!


                          Moreover, the typical St. Martin cake, traditionally from Venice, is made with short pastry and coloured sugar, with the St. Martin on the horse shape. Many families in Venice like to prepare this sweet at home, however all the bakeries sell it as well.

                          Dolce di San Martino

                          Also, like in other parts of Italy, even in Venice in the day of St. Martin, people celebrate the feast according to tradition, eating seasonable goods, like chestnuts and red wine.

                          This historic holiday is celebrated on 11th November to remember the life of St. Martino and the famous legend that is tied to his name.

                          This is the story of the life of St. Martin:
                          Martino was born in Pannonia, now known as Hungary, in 316. He was the son of a Roman official, and was a member of the Roman Guard till fiftheener. Martino came to learn about Christianity by secretly frequenting a Christian assembly. He is remembered like an extraordinarily humble and caring man by his acts of charity, and of seeing all men as equal. For example, it is said that Martino behaved towards his military attendant and his brother in the same way, often cleaning his shoes.
                          After Martino was released from further military duties by the Emperor, he travelled to Poiters, where he was baptised and given the sacraments by Bishop S. Ilario. The many memorable events of his life include his building of the monasteries of Ligugè and Mamontier, and his time as the Bishop of Tours. Martino died on the 11th of November, 397 a.d., in Candes and is buried in the cathedral at Tours. St. Martin is the patron saint of France, and is traditionally depicted on horseback making the gesture of cutting his cloak.
                          St. Martin is in fact best known for the story of his cloak. On a cold and rainy 11th November, Martino was out riding when he came across an old man on the road who was stumbling along and suffering from the freezing temperature. Martino wanted to help the man, but had no money or cover to offer him. So he took out his sword, cut his cloak in half, and then offered half to the man. He then rode on with his hearth full of joy. The weather then improved, and through a break in the clouds sunshine appeared. That night Martino dreamed that Jesus, with his cloak in hand, thanked him for his compassionate gesture. Today, the warm days of November are still referred to as the “summer of San Martino”.
                          It is an odd coincidence that Armistice Day, marking the end of the First World War, is also 11th November



                          8 Masks for Your Halloween

                            Modern Halloween comes from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain. The Celts used the day to mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, and also believed that this transition between the seasons was a bridge to the world of the dead. Over the millennia the holiday transitioned from a somber pagan ritual to a day of merriment, costumes, parades and sweet treats for children and adults.
                            How do you celebrate Halloween? What plans do you have for this year?
                            Here in Italy this celebration is still minor, although children and teenagers sometimes celebrate it with parties. Neverthless, Atelier Marega has masks for every occasion and here you are our selection of masks for your Halloween. Hurry up and order your favorite one before it’s too late!








                            Festa del Redentore in Venice: you can’t miss this!

                              The Festa del Redentore is an event held in Venice the third Sunday of July where the fireworks create a unique atmosphere all over the city. This event is the main one during the Summer and it is probably the most loved one by Venetians, who greatly participate to it.


                              Festa del Redentore in Venice

                              The Redentore began as a feast – held on the day of the Feast of the Most Holy Redeemer – to give thanks for the end of the terrible plague of 1576, which killed 50,000 people. The Doge Alvise I Mocenigo promised to build a magnificent church if the plague ended. Andrea Palladio was commissioned to build a majestic church on the Island of Giudecca. The church, known as Il Redentore, was consecrated in 1592, and is one of the most important examples of Palladian religious architecture. After the foundation stone was laid, a small wooden church was temporarily built, along with temporary bridge of barges from the Zattere, so that the Doge Sebastian Venier could walk in procession as far as the tabernacle. Afterwards, the Doge made a pilgrimage to the Church of Redentore every year.


                              Boats in Venice during Redentore

                              On Saturday, the eve of the festival, fireworks are let off. Preparations begin early in the morning when people begin to decorate their boats, or the small wooden terraces on rooftops (Altane) from where they can admire the fireworks. At sunset, Saint Mark‘s basin begins to fill with up with boats of all kinds, festooned with balloons and garlands, and thousands of Venetians await the fireworks while dining on the boats. Around 11.30 o’clock at night, from pontoons placed nearby the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, the fireworks begin and Saint Mark’s basin becomes one of the most atmospheric stages in the world. The fireworks last for around 45 to 60 minutes, illuminating the night and arousing intense emotions in both Venetians and visitors. Once the fireworks are over, the young people of the city head off to the Lido, where they sit on the sand and wait for dawn.


                              Fireworks in Venice during Redentore

                              A bridge of barges is built connecting Giudecca to the rest of Venice. Sunday is devoted to religious celebrations.


                              Temporary bridge to connect Redentore Church located in Giudecca with Venice


                              Saturday 18 July:
                              7 p.m. open of the bridge connecting Giudecca to Zattere and the rest of Venice.
                              11.30 p.m. fireworks start

                              Sunday 19 July:
                              Traditional Venetian boats’ regatta during the day
                              7 p.m. holy Mass at the Redentore Church

                              TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2015 to Atelier Marega

                                We are proud and happy to announce you that we have been awarded of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2015.

                                A special thanks to all of you: keep choosing the real Venetian tradition!

                                Masks’ Exhibition at Gritti Palace

                                  Gritti Palace in Venice commissioned us a great work and so, yesterday, we were in this beautiful location to exhibit our masks’ production. We also held a mask-making demonstration for visitor. It was an amazing experience: we always love to meet new people and explain them our traditions and work.
                                  The masks’s exhibition and the demonstration were a great success and we got back home more than satisfied!

                                  Here you are some pictures from yesterday. Enjoy!

                                  This slideshow requires JavaScript.

                                  Festa della Sensa 2015 in Venice

                                    This year the Festa della Sensa is held on May 17th.

                                    What is it? It is an ancient tradition that celebrates the relationship between Venice and the Sea: a symbolic marriage ceremony takes place. It dates back to around the year 1000, when Venice was emerging as a naval force in the Mediterranean Sea.

                                    The Fèsta de ƚa Sènsa was a feast of the Republic of Venice held on the occasion of the feast of the Ascension (in the Venetian dialect of Italian Sensa). We still celebrate it as a recreation today. It commemorates two significant dates in the Republic’s history: the first being May 9, 1000, when the Doge Pietro II Orseolo rescued the denizens of Dalmatia imperiled by the Slavs. The aforementioned date marked the onset of Venetian extension in the Adriatic.

                                    The second event commemorated in this event took place in 1177 when the Doge Sebastiano Ziani, Pope Alexander III and the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick Barbarossa agreed to the Treaty of Venice which ended the long standing differences between the Pontificate and the Holy Roman Empire.

                                    So, according to the tradition, Venice – represented by the mayor and the patriarch – throws a golden ring into the sea to celebrate the union between the city and the sea.

                                    The celebrations of the Sensa includes a unique procession at sea: colorful parade boats – from all the rowing associations in Venice – follow the magnificent Serenissima which carries the mayor and the patriarch.

                                    The gathering point is in front of St. Mark’s at 9 a.m.: do not waste the opportunity to see the “show” if you are in Venice! Then, the procession moves towards the Lido island till San Nicolò where the actual ceremony takes place.


                                    St. Mark’s Day in Venice and Rosebund Tradition

                                      St. Mark’s Day is on April 25th and is largely celebrated in Venice since the Saint is the patron of the city.

                                      Leone di San Marco con il Vangelo aperto è il simbolo Venezia duarente i periodi di pace

                                      The Lion with the open St. Mark’s Gospel is the symbol of Venice during times of peace

                                      St. Mark’s Day in Venice is also known as the rosebud festival (Venetian: festa del bocolo) since on this occasion, men traditionally give a single rosebud to the women they love as a gift and a sign of their true love.



                                      According to legend, the tradition originated in the 8th century, when a man of low social standing, Tancredi, is said to have fallen in love with a noblewoman from Venice, Maria: the daughter of the Doge. In order to win her father’s approval, he became involved in a distant war in Spain against the Arabs. He was mortally wounded in battle, but managed to pluck a rose from a nearby rosebush for his loved one. A companion was entrusted with returning the blood-stained rose to his lover. Maria received the gift and the terrible news. The day after, on the day of St. Mark, Maria was found dead with the rose on her chest. Since then, Venetian men bring to their lovers a red rosebud as a sign of their immense love.

                                      Expo 2015: Atelier Marega is ready!

                                        Atelier Marega is proud to have been chosen to be part of Expo Veneto.

                                        Expo Veneto is the showcase of the events proposed by the productive system, the local authorities and associations of the Venetian territory running from May 1st to October 31st, 2015 on the occasion of the Expo of Milan.

                                        ExpoVeneto was founded with a double objective:
                                        to promote our top quality products and services worldwide and possibly attract foreign capital.
                                        A double binary of internationalization that becomes strategic for the economic relaunch through the acquisition of new markets.

                                        Atelier Marega and Expo Veneto 2015

                                        Atelier Marega and Expo Veneto 2015

                                        SUPPORTING MADE IN VENICE

                                        Supporting the “Made in Venice”, promoting and presenting it to the millions of tourists that will visit the territory on the occasion of the Expo 2015, will become an incentive for the local economic recovery.

                                        Our products (masks and costumes) are all handmade in Venice and strongly tied to the local traditions of our citiy:
                                        Our papier mache masks are handmade and decorated according to the technical traditions. The job of the mascherer dates back to 1300 and with us it continues to live. As for the costumes, our Atelier produces handmade historical costumes which are created after historical researches on 1700 and 1800 fashion in Venice. 

                                        BUILDING SYNERGIES

                                        Furthermore, the portal is aimed at creating synergies encouraging a widespread participation and a shared realization, through work that can be prolonged beyond the Expo 2015, presenting the Venetian territory as a system able to march compactly in the framework of international competition.

                                        For Visitors

                                        Expo Veneto portal allows you to live the Universal Exposition in a way never experienced before: the Expo not as an EXPosition but as an EXPerience. You can learn more about the events and exhibitions that most interest you.

                                        So, you can find Atelier Marega’s acrtivities on the portal and especially:

                                        Mask-making demonstration

                                        Mask decoration workshop

                                        Jump into the past


                                        We wish you a nice journey in our country!

                                        Casanova Grand Ball 2015, Love&Fire in Venice: The Official Trailer

                                          We are glad to share with you all, and particularly with our great guests, the official video trailer of the 4th edition of the Casanova Grand Ball, an Atelier Marega event in Venice.

                                          Our production is the most awesome grand ball of the Venetian Carnival.

                                          Saturday 14th February 2015, in the beautiful and magic Venitian Palace Ca’Zeno, near the famous Basilica dei Frari in Venice, Italy the show started with our artists exhibitions and performances: a lovely and charming journey which lasted for the entire night, hand by hand, along Casanova’s love silk way.

                                          After the great success of the past editions of the Casanova Grand Ball, the theme chosen for 2015 was “Love&Fire“. The noble Casanova was a man of great culture, a poet and biographer. Above all, he was a man of love. And who then, if not Giacomo Casanova himself should have joined us in this sweet and inviting adventure: love sweet and tender, passionate love, love for the game and for good food, and in general – love for life.

                                          Be ready to make a jump into this magical world full of performances and entertainment.

                                          Today the video trailer, next time...would you like to experience it for real?! Book now for your 2016 Fifty Shades of Casanova Grand Ball!


                                          Atelier Marega Carnival in Venice 2015

                                            Ten days are already gone since the end of the Carnival in Venice. It’s time to update our blog!

                                            It has been a pretty early Carnival (next year it will begin even earlier, almost close to the Christmas period).
                                            We are happy that our handmade products have been greatly appreciated, as also written on TripAdvisor by some of the costumers who visited  our shops in Venice.

                                            Costumers who rented our costumes and accessories were very happy and had great fun. They were not the only one, though: we had a lot of fun too helping them to dress up and get ready. Also, we had the chance to meet  clients that contacted us on Facebook, Twitter or through our website. Everyone was very satisfied and that’s the most important thing for us.
                                            Here you are some pictures we took of our clients at our Atelier in Venice and some others that our costumers sent to us:


                                            This slideshow requires JavaScript.

                                            The 2015 Casanova Grand Ball, Love and Fire was a great event and extraordinary success.
                                            This was the third edition of our Grand Ball and every year we create it with new ideas,  exhibitions, artists and surprises, taking very good care of every detail.  Feedbacks and reactions were absolutely enthusiastic of the all program: we welcomed our guest – high-style dressed –  in the open courtyard of Palazzo Zeno with Prosecco, performers dressed by and Gustavo Ollitta fire-exhibition.
                                            Then, our actors and characters invited everyone to enter the Palace and enjoy the wonderful food, and further high level entertainments such us live music, dnacing exhibitions, theater’s sketches and much more. After dinner, it was time for dancing minuetto and disco… Here you are some un-official pictures sent to us by guests:

                                            This slideshow requires JavaScript.


                                            We have already started to work on the 2016 event: Fifty Shades of Casanova Grand Ball, that will open its doors on February 6th, 2016. And we can’t wait to surprise you with our new ideas!

                                            Fifty Shades of Casanova Grand Ball

                                            Fifty Shades of Casanova Grand Ball

                                            Tanja Schulz-Hess to attend the Casanova Grand Ball in Venice

                                              Here we are: the Casanova Grand Ball 2015 is ready to start this Saturday. These are the last days to reserve your tickets.
                                              Last week we introduced you our first Guest Star, Gustavo Ollitta. Today, we are going to introduce you to a second Guest Star, who will attend the Grand Ball organized by our Atelier at Ca’ Zen on San Valentin night.

                                              Some of you have already recognized her on our facebook page where we published this picture, taken with Carlo Marega:

                                              Carlo Marega and Tanja Shultz

                                              Carlo Marega and Tanja Shulz-Hess

                                              She is a true star of the Carnival of Venice, known for her extraordinary costumes. She is very creative and often re-uses daily-life-items to create her dresses.  You can now find some of her creations (wigs) at our Atelier in Venice: a unique chance!

                                              After 14 years of work for Germany’s most prestigious political magazine –DER SPIEGELshe’s now living her new life as an independent artist: painting, creative work on fashion items such as clothes, hats, shoes etc., building and dismantling things have always been her real passion, her vocation.

                                              Tanja Schulz-Hess got more and more interested in the Venetian Carnival and its costume history and developed her skills in costume making.  After winning the competition of “Most beautiful costume of the Carnival in Venice” three times in a row 2007, 2008 & 2009 (not one dream-come-true, but three!) she continues making costumes, not to win in the first place but because she loves the making, developing of ideas and to make the people who visit the Carnival in Venice happy.

                                              By participating to the Casanova Grand Ball in Venice you will have the unique chance to get in touch with her and admire her costume, which will be a surprise for Atelier Marega too! Morever, Tanja a very lovely person to have talk with.

                                              Her “Venetian love story” started in 1992 when she went on a cheap bus trip to Venice, Italy, for 3 days of Carnival with her friend Monika. After seeing the Carnival, she promised herself never to return to this fantastic world of stunning masks, dresses and stories told by the costumes, people made, without a being in real costume she made. Just buying one would have been too easy and especially not HERs.

                                              So all costumes ever after and even her wedding dress was entirely glued with hot plastic glue.
                                              Until today Tanja works “free hand” without patterns or tailor skills. This is why her costumes are more wearable sculptures than dresses:

                                              This slideshow requires JavaScript.

                                              Every year Tanja’s costumes got bigger, brighter, more detailed, more “commenting nowadays life” –- which means they tell a story. Each costume has a history: why and how it is made, details to look at, background development history where the fabrics and laces (mostly old) come from. 90% of the materials are from fleamarkets around the world (but mostly Hamburg). Also hardware stores and friends houses are good sources for her inspiration and ideas… Litarally EVERYTHING can become a costume. Inspiration is everywhere.


                                              Gustavo Ollitta Special Guest of Casanova Grand Ball, in Venice

                                                The Casanova Grand Ball, on 14th February, Saturday is an exclusive event that takes place every year during Carnival in Venice.

                                                This year, will have two guest stars. We are sure you don’t want to miss them and their exhibitions!

                                                On Facebook we gave two clues to let you guess who is the first guest start that we are going to present you today:

                                                If you got it…well: congratulations!!! 

                                                In case you haven’t recognized….him (so, it’s a man!)…

                                                Here he is: OUR GUEST STAR that will perform at the CASANOVA GRAND BALL, LOVE & FIRE 2015 is ….

                                                Gustavo Ollitta performing with an Atelier Marega mask

                                                Gustavo Ollitta performing with an Atelier Marega mask

                                                Gustavo Ollitta is a Brazilian artist, specialized in creating unbelievable scenic designs with torches, lights, fire and much more. His shows are intriguing and everything is realized according to the music.

                                                After a good day at highschool, Gustavo discovered with a friend a pair of Poi. Since this day on 2007, he has began his journey of manipulation.
                                                On 2010, Gustavo Ollitta started his career with the Equipe Performatica B i o l u m i n i , performing in a lot of festivals(Universo Paralello 11,12 – Earthdance, Mundo de Oz, Ozora Festival 2013, Boom Festival 2012) and events around Brazil. Having different style of performances, Gustavo studied at Contemphorary Circus School located in Italy (Scuola di Cirko Vertigo): here he has started his career outside his country.

                                                Gustavo Ollitta works to share with the world something unique!

                                                What could you expect from him performing at Casanova Grand Ball? Who knows!!! For sure, the magic of the fire will be around 😉

                                                WELCOME TO THE CASANOVA GRAND BALL, LOVE AND FIRE: book your tickets now and experience the most exciting night you have ever had!

                                                Rent your costumes for Carnival online: it’s easy

                                                  To fully enjoy the Carnival in Venice, you might want to rent a costume for one or more days, or for a special evening.

                                                  Atelier Marega has a colletion of 300 costumes, all handmade and of high quality level. That’s not all: renting a costume online has never been so easy as with Atelier Marega.

                                                  In order to enjoy your visit to Venice, try to organize all the most important details before leaving so that everything is scheduled before your arrival and you don’t have to worry about anything. Among this, the rent of a carnival costume may be a very funny and enjoyable activity if you set it down in advance.

                                                  Look for your favorite costume on the e-shop section “Shop online”. Once you have selected it (or few of them if you like more than one costumes), click on “Request info” and a technical dress form will be shown to you. Fill it out with your own data. You may also want to add some special requests or ask for more information: write everything in the “note” section, at the bottom of the form.

                                                  Fill out the form to easily rent your costume for Carnival in venice

                                                  Fill out the form to easily rent your costume for Carnival in Venice

                                                  Once you have done with the form, please click on “submit” and we will automatically receive you request. We will answer you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

                                                  After having booked your costumes, normally we make sure that you try your costume once you are in Venice, so that we can fix every details. Accordingly, you will be invited to visit our atelier in Venice (or, upon request, we will come to your location) and we will help you to dress up and be ready for your event, photoshooting or walk in San Marco square.
                                                  If you prefer to come to our Atelier before deciding which costume you want, come to our stores and shops in Venice and you will be welcomed by our staff: they will illustrate you the possibilities according to your requests and needs. Our suggestion is to always contact us by phone or email (or on Facebook) to fix an appointment. We will be delighted to satisfy your desires!

                                                  Venice Carnival to start this weekend: details

                                                    Here is the evening program (from: of the opening event of the Carnival of Venice 2015, that will take place this weekend at Canale di Cannaregio:

                                                    Saturday January 31st

                                                    6.00pm to 6.30pm: first showing of “ The Magic Banquet – A Gourmet’s fairytale in Venice”
                                                    6.30pm to 8.00pm: music and entertainment in local restaurants and bars.
                                                    8.00pm to 8.30pm: the second showing of “The Magic Banquet – A Gourmet’s fairytale in Venice”
                                                    8.30pm to 10.00pm: music and entertainment in local restaurants and bars.

                                                    Every chapter of the show  will represent a step towards the celebration and the enhancement of taste: seasoning and food, traditional dishes, fishermen’s villages and bread houses, strawberry and tea cups, are just some of the protagonists of a floating world which describes with irony, passion and amazement, the perfume and the flavors of a typical “made in Italy” menù.

                                                    Food will literally fly on suggestive luminous hot-air balloons, and performers will interpret Italian pleasure, sensuality, taste and light heartedness. Nu’Art will present our passion for good food on stage.

                                                    The canal will turn into a true water stage: discreet boats will carry the artists from a bank to another, like friends at the table joining hands when they pass food around.

                                                    Sunday 1st February

                                                    11.00 am: entertainment starts on the banks of Cannaregio Canal

                                                    12.00 pm: Venetian tipical food and wine offered by A.E.P.E.

                                                    12.00 pm: Water parade by Associazioni Remiere di Voga alla Veneta

                                                    Music and rhythm during the whole event.

                                                    Canale di Cannaregio - Water parade Carnival in Venice

                                                    Canale di Cannaregio – Water parade – Carnival in Venice


                                                    How to get to Venice?

                                                      You might think that getting to Venice is not that easy, and maybe also expensive. To be fair, you have many choices on how to get to Venice: train, plain, bus, car.

                                                      How to...get to Venice

                                                      How to…get to Venice

                                                      Let’s begin:

                                                      • If you can choose to get to Venice by train, you have done a very good choice.
                                                        The train station is inside the historical city and its name is “Venezia Santa Lucia”, the last train stop (do not get off at “Venezia-Mestre”, unless you don’t want to go to Mestre, of course!). Once you exit the train station, the Canal Grande will immeditely welcome you. Not that bad, ah?!

                                                      We suggest you to try to book your train tickets in advance, online directly on the websites of Trenitalia or Italo. You might find some good offer to get cheaper tickets. Particularly, Italo company has recently started to promote special tickets’ offer to come to Venice for Carnival.



                                                      Download Italo app on your smartphone and it seems you could get till 50% discount if you travel on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. There are also special offers for families. ( Just to write it clearly: this is just a tip by Atelier Marega. We are not Italo Train and we cannot assure you anything!)

                                                      • If you are getting to Venice by plane through Marcopolo Airport, get on bus number 5 and you will arrive at the main entrance of Venice – Piazzale Roma – in 20/30 minutes, usually.
                                                      • If you are getting to Venice by bus, the final destination of your journey will Venezia – Piazzale Roma. From here on…the water starts!
                                                      • If you are getting to Venice by car, you have to park it. You have several car-parks solutions. Here you are the main ones:
                                                        – to park in Piazzale Roma – here, you are already in Venice. You can walk or take a Vaporetto (water bus) to get to your destination.
                                                        – to park at Tronchetto island – a close island connected to Venice by Vaporetto or by the People Mover to get to Piazzale Roma
                                                        – to park before Bridge of Libertà (Freedom) – you can choose between several car-parks. From here, it’s easy to get on a bus going to Venezia – Piazzale Roma. You can buy your bus tickets at the parking.
                                                      People Mover Venice

                                                      People Mover Venice

                                                      We wish you a safe trip to Venice!

                                                      Zeno Palace in Venice to host Casanova Grand Ball 2016: its History

                                                        The Fifty Shades of Casanova Grand Ball 2016 will take place on 6th, February in Venice and the location is breathless: the Zeno Palace – Cà Zen. [PhotoGallery below]

                                                        HISTORY OF THE ZENO PALACE

                                                        Palazzo Zeno is located near the Frari church and was built in the late fourteenth century by Carlo Zeno, “Capitano da mar”,  a hero in the Chioggia’s war waged by Venezia against Genova.

                                                        The facade – fine gothic style – of the palazzo overlooks the canal of San Stin and has been preserved intact. It is surmounted by elegant obelisks dating back to the seventeenth century.

                                                        The Palazzo near the Frari underwent various alterations over the centuries: the most important and far-reaching of which was the work of the architect Antonio Gasparri who was engaged by Alessandro Zeno who had been ambassador of the Serenissima at the court of the King Louis XV at Versailles. Alessandro, probably influenced by the splendors of the French court, decided to add a new wing to the antique palazzo, giving onto the courtyard. The interior decoration was renovated in a sumptuous manner. All the rooms of the palazzo are frescoed or decorated with stuccoes by the greatest artists of the period such as Antonio Pellegrini, Jacopo Guarana, Abbondio Stazio and Amigoni.

                                                        Even at the end of eighteenth century, despite the end of the Venetian Republic (1797) and the severe economies crisis, the Zeno family began a project to redecorate some rooms of the new wing with ceilings frescoed by Giuseppe Borsato.

                                                        ABOUT THE ZEN FAMILY

                                                        The Zen family can be traced back to its very early origins having played a part in Venetian history ever since the time of the Partecipazio-Badoer. This family has also provided the Serenissima with a Doge ( Renier Zeno, 1253), as well as various ambassadors, senators and cardinals. The Zeno family still lives in the Palazzo.


                                                        PHOTO GALLERY – Palazzo Zeno: location of Casanova Grand Ball 2016 organized by Atelier Marega

                                                        This slideshow requires JavaScript.


                                                        The Origin of Carnival

                                                          Carnival is the feast of the winter.
                                                          In catholic countries, like Italy, this is the period before the start of the lent, which lasts for 40 days until Easter.
                                                          During ancient times, Carnival was also the celebration of the soil fertility after the winter and brought together rituals and fun: laughing to defeat the death (and the winter).

                                                          Nowadays, Italians use to say”a Carnevale ogni scherzo vale” (it also rhymes in our language!): meaning that during the Carnival period every joke counts. So, these days are charactired by tricks, masks, happiness and naughtiness. But also by dancing and entertainment as well as by hearty meal of sweets, in particular.

                                                          Only in the city of Milano, the Carnival lasts four days more: instead of ending on Tuesday (called: Martedì Grasso), it
                                                          finishes on Saturday. According to the tradition, this was due to the fact that Sant’Ambrogio Bishop announced that it would
                                                          have been back from its pilgrimage for the end of Carnival in order to celebrate the start of the Lent in Milano. So, the
                                                          population waited to wait for his return and thus extended the celebration of Carnival of fours days. That’s just a
                                                          tip: if you want to enjoy the Carnival a bit longer, go to Milano once it is ended in Venice!

                                                          Children particularly enjoy wearing costumes and masks, inspired to the heroes of the ancients times or of their favorite
                                                          cartoons: princess, princes, soldiers, wizards, witches. Some are handmade costumes (sewed by keen mothers and
                                                          grandmothers!) while others are industrial costumes.

                                                          The first Italian masks born in Venice and are known since the 13th century. They were used for different purposes: even
                                                          that of hiding from others. From Venice, masks started to spread all over Italy and Europe and were adpoted by the Theater.
                                                          It’s during the ‘700 that the masks reached their pick, especially thanks to the Carnival parties.

                                                          Every Italian region, even almost every city, has its own traditional mask:

                                                          Italian Masks Carnival

                                                          Italian masks in Italy

                                                          Similarly, every city has its own way and tradition for the celebration of Carnival. Among them, these are the most popular and amazing:

                                                          This slideshow requires JavaScript.

                                                          What masks have you chosen this year? Are you going for a traditional or modern one? We must say that we are very curious!

                                                          Whatever you choose, wherever you will be, have a lot of fun!!

                                                          Discover our shops in Venice: Fondamenta Osmarin

                                                            Atelier Marega owns four shops in Venice: two of them are located in Fondamenta de l’Osmarin, only 5 minutes walking from San Marco square:

                                                            Atelier Marega Shops near San Marco square

                                                            Atelier Marega Shops near San Marco square

                                                            When you come to visit Venice, the 1st MUST is absolutely San Marco Square, famous worldwide for its beauty and elegance. Our shops are easy to be found, as they are located in the heart of Venice, and visiting them will add value to the visit of this magic city.

                                                            You will meet Renzo, Ivona, Carlo, Eliane and Viorika:

                                                            This slideshow requires JavaScript.

                                                            All of  them work with passion and creativity to offer you new and wonderful masks. It will be easy to find them working on a new papier-machè masks, according to the Venetian tradition. Enter the shop and have a look at their techniques: they will be happy to explain you their work and all what they know about this tradition.

                                                            This slideshow requires JavaScript.

                                                            You will find masks on sell: you can look for the one that better suits you. All masks are ready to be worn immediately: if you haven’t your mask yet, that’s the right place where to find it and be ready to join the Carnival once you get out of the shop.

                                                            Also, if you are looking for renting a costume, here you can choose handmade historical costumes and try them with the help of our staff.

                                                            You are welcome anytime in our shops! We are looking forward to meet you.


                                                            Your ‘700 Venetian Makeup

                                                              As many of you are going to wear one of our ‘700 costumes during this coming Carnival, it’s seems a good idea to us to talk  about the makeup of ‘700 century so that you could start to practice and be ready for your big event in Venice. And do not think that this post is just for women, as also men at that time used makeup.

                                                              Perfumes and talcum powder were spread and both women and men used to wear flashy wigs. Also, makeup reached its pick
                                                              in the ‘700 century, despite the opposition of the ecclesiastic world.So, the make up of this period is anything but natural and plain.

                                                              Make up during 1700

                                                              Make up during 1700

                                                              The main feature was the use of powder (even on hands, harms, decolté and neck), rouge and lipstick. Among these, the powder
                                                              was the most used one, especially the white powder in order to make women’s skin looks like porcelain.

                                                              A very important part of women’s makeup were the mouches: small confetti made by silk, taffetà or skin. They were usually black and
                                                              apllied to the face. These beauty spots had different meanings, as shown in this image:

                                                              1700 make up

                                                              1700 makeup

                                                              You can now choose where to put your beauty post and easily create it using a black makeup pencil.

                                                              Lipstick and blush were also highly used to let stand out the white skin. Cheeks were colored with two pink circles over the white
                                                              powder: the result was a fixed face, like a mask. As for the lipstick, the most spread one was a full red one.

                                                              Maria Antonietta

                                                              Maria Antonietta

                                                              As mentioned before, also men used the makeup: white powder for the face and red lipstick for the lips.
                                                              To get some inspiration, you may want to look for paintings of that period or for films settled during ‘700.

                                                              We hope this post has been helpful to create the perfect look for your dress during Venetian Carnival events! Are you looking for an exclusive party inside  a Palace of Venice? Check here!

                                                              Do you have any other suggestions? Please share them with us!

                                                              Casanova Grand Ball in Venice: What Else?!

                                                                Less than a month to the Casanova Grand Ball, Love and Fire. This 2015 edition of Atelier Marega Carnival Grand Ball promises to make a lot of sparks: Atelier Marega is preparing a spectacular evening and night, full of surprisings.

                                                                Leave at home your mobile phone, leave behind you your daily life and all its problems and surrender to the world of Casanova and take part to this magic event in Venice. Once you are inside, the doors closed, you will drift to a no-time epoch, surrounded by brocade dress, masks’plumes, entertainment, spectacular shows of different kinds, excellent food and drinks.

                                                                Every details has been chosen by Atelier Marega to guarantee you the perfect atmosphere: the Ca’ Zen location will do the rest. A wonderful Venetian Palace, located in the heart of Venice historical center, Ca’ Zen will host the Casanova Grand Ball in its astonishing ballrooms and its open courtyards, fully and appropriately decorated in order to recreate the atmosphere of ancient grand ball.

                                                                This slideshow requires JavaScript.

                                                                Be sure that no-one will distract you from this magic atmosphere: everyone will be dressed with historical costumes or with costumes from Commedia dell’Arte, hiding their real identities for one night, having the possibility to be someone else for one  evening.

                                                                The Casanova Grand Ball of Venice allows you to experience all of this.

                                                                This year, The Grand Ball will also take place on the most romantic evening and night of all the year: San Valentine.

                                                                What else for a Grand Ball in Venice?

                                                                The Bauta Mask: the Venetian Costume par excellence

                                                                  If you haven’t decided yet your costume for this coming Carnival of Venice 2015, you might find this post interesting to get some ideas. The costume we are going to talk about today is very simple, but also the most traditional once. Being as simple as beautiful, with this costume your presence will be high standing.


                                                                  Bauta Mask e dress - Venice Carnival 2015

                                                                  Bauta mask and dress – Venice Carnival 2015

                                                                  The “national” mask of the Serene Republic, the Venetian mask par excellence, this is the Bauta. Traditionally, this costume is made by a veil or a cape with the mask. The Bauta was an ample, all-enveloping black silk cloak and a cape or veil of black silk cloak and a cape or veil of black silk lace. To this, a black tricorn hat is normally added with also a falling down over the shoulders to cover half of the person.  The veil was actually the Bauta itself: the long cloak was called the Mantle.


                                                                  This slideshow requires JavaScript.

                                                                  Nobody knows what is the origin of this costume but the use of the three-cornered hat would make us think that it is not that remote. However, everyone seems to agree on the fact that all masks and costumes were a levellers of every difference and that the Bauta was perfect in this respect. Men, women, traitors, spies, informers, the Doge, the State Inquisitors, foreign royalty: everyone could put themselves on the same level, equals, safe from insults and offences thanks to the protection of the Bauta, even in the eyes of the law.

                                                                  The Bauta nowadays, like in the past, is the elegant protagonist of every  Venetian adventure and Carnival.



                                                                  Venice Carnival to Start on the Water

                                                                    There could be no better opening for the Venice Carnival than the one on the water.  The huge “Festa veneziana” that opens, as usual, the Carnival, doubles, offering a double appointment to the guests of Venice.

                                                                     Saturday 1st of February, starting from 6.30 pm, an outstanding evening show will bring music, rhythm, joy on the banks of Cannaregio, opening in the best way the Carnival of Venice 2015.
                                                                    Canale di Cannaregio -Carnevale 2014

                                                                     Cannaregio banks – Carnival 2014

                                                                    This is the typical feast for Venetians and for all the guests interested in local traditions.

                                                                    After the opening on Saturday, 31th of January, on Sunday 1st February the water parade by Coordinamento Associazioni Remiere di Voga alla Veneta will sail along the Canal Grande to the folkloristic district of Cannaregio, where the audience will watch these unique boats and where the eno-gastronomic stalls by A.E.P.E., with the traditional carnival delicacies, will offer venetian food specialities.


                                                                    Delicious “fritole veneziane” – must try!

                                                                    Music and rhythm will accompaign the water parade:
                                                                    Here you are the Festa Veneziana timetable:
                                                                    11.00 am: entertainment starts on the Cannaregio banks
                                                                    12.00 pm: Venetian tipical food and wine offered by  A.E.P.E.
                                                                    12.00 pm : Water parade by Associazioni Remiere di Voga alla Veneta


                                                                    Program Carnival in Venice 2015

                                                                      Here is a summary of the main events of this year Venice Carnival, which is going to start soon. We can’t wait!

                                                                      Casanova Grand Ball

                                                                      Casanova Grand Ball

                                                                      Saturday January 31
                                                                      – The huge “Festa veneziana” (firs part) opens, as usual, the Carnival with a theme-based show on the water and on the shore along il Rio di Cannaregio;
                                                                      – Carnival Cultural Programme opening;

                                                                      Sunday February 1st
                                                                      “Festa veneziana” (second part): Historical procession of decorated boats: the tradition of the Venetian rowing;

                                                                      Saturday February 7th
                                                                      – Festa delle Marie, historical parade;
                                                                      – St. Mark’s Square Gran Teatro opening
                                                                      – Arsenale delle Maravegie night programme opening;

                                                                      from Saturday 7th  to Tuesday February 17th every night Arsenale delle Maravegie;
                                                                      from Saturday 7th  to Tuesday February 17th daily “The Best Masked Costume Contest” in St. Mark’s Square

                                                                      Sunday February 8th
                                                                      Volo dell’Angelo (Flight of the Angel) from San Marco bell tower;

                                                                      Saturday  February 14th
                                                                      Casanova Grand Ball, event organized by Atelier Marega;

                                                                      Sunday February 15th
                                                                      – Volo dell’Aquila (Flight oh Eagle) from San Marco bell tower;
                                                                      – “The Best Masked Costume Contest” in St. Mark’s Square Gran Finale

                                                                      Tuesday Sunday February 17th – Martedì Grasso
                                                                      End of Carnival 2015

                                                                      Please note: Daily Ice skating in Campo San Polo

                                                                      If other official events will be scheduled, we will keep you posted!

                                                                      It’s time to get ready for Venice Carnival 2015

                                                                        We are all definitely back from Christmas holidays and here, in Venice, we look forward to Venice Carnival 2015.

                                                                        In Italian, we use to say “L’Epifania tutte le feste porta via”, meaning that the Epiphany feast is the last one of the
                                                                        Christmas period.  So, here we are, one day ahead, looking forward to the Venice Carnival 2015. If you still do not know where
                                                                        you will celebrate it, this could be the perfect timing to decide to come to Venice.

                                                                        This year the Carnival will start pretty soon: from 31 January to 17 February 2015.

                                                                        Venice Carnival Dates 2015

                                                                        Venice Carnival Dates 2015

                                                                        The Venice Carnival is the most known and oldest festival in the World! This is also the perfect period to experience Venice.
                                                                        Thousands of tourists arrive from all over the World to take part in Venice most important event, all dressed up in fancy costumes!
                                                                        You can be part of a unique and magical scenery. Be sure to wear your Venetian mask and get lost in the narrow streets
                                                                        (“calli”) of our beloved city: see Venice from behind your mask. It is a unique lifetime experience and you will be just enchanted by the Carnival in Venice.

                                                                        Venice Carnival 2015 Grand Ball -  Foto by Studioimmagine

                                                                        Venice Carnival 2014 Grand Ball – Foto by Studioimmagine

                                                                        To fully experience it, choose your mask from our catalog of handmade historic costumes and papier-machè handmade masks and be sure to get your favorite one before everyone else. Or come to visit our four shops located in Venice.  Trust our costumers who have already visited us, read their comments on TripAdvisor. 



                                                                        Live the intrigue and the legendary life of Casanova: lose yourself in the magic atmosphere of the Casanova Grand Ball, dressed up in a masked costume, inside the historic Venetian Palazzo Ca’ Zen located in the heart of Venice.


                                                                        Casanova Grand Ball Venice

                                                                        Casanova Grand Ball Venice

                                                                        Reserve your tickets now and experience the Venetian Carnival, an event that has for centuries invaded the spirits of its participants, leaving them enchanted by all the fun, crazyness, romance and mystery that only this Carnival creates for you!

                                                                        The History of the Authentic Venetian Mask: the Maskmaker’s Shop in Venice

                                                                          Atelier Marega is a maskmakers’ shop. Although someone might wrongly think that this profession started only recently with the touristic flows, the maskmaker ‘s activity goes back to 1400. On the 10th of April 1436, the Masters of the Painters’ guild in Venice, reorganizing the entire corporation, also founded  the profession of the Venetian “maschereri” or “mascareri”.

                                                                          This was probably due to the high demand for masks, coming from a market in rapid expansion, that must have attracted a considerable number of craftsmen to this profession. In the years between 1530 and 1600, eleven members were admitted to this new guild, among them there was also a woman: Barbara Scharpetta.

                                                                          Maskmaker in Venice

                                                                          Maskmaker in Venice

                                                                          These craftsmen worked on volti (Faces) made of papier mache and fine waxed canvas. They could sell their products not only in Venice but all over Italy. Nevertheless, the meaning of the mask in Venice was unique: the Venetian’s desire to lose himself, to lose touch with his own subjectivity, was much stronger than any moral restraints, and the countless masses of costumes are the surest evidence of an unrestrainable common desire to break free and regain identity in another different kind of collectivity. This was a general letting off of steam in other words, a casting out of historic pains and evils.

                                                                          Carlo Marega Maskmaker in Venice today

                                                                          Carlo Marega, Maskmaker in Venice Today

                                                                          Today, as Venetian maschereri ourselves, we still work with similar techniques and materials as it was in the past for our master ancestors. This is why our masks are all handmade papier mache masks.

                                                                          Your Comments are Your Gifts for Us

                                                                            During our 30-years of work, our costumers have greatly appreciated our handmade Venetian products.
                                                                            Some of them accidentally came across our shops located in the historical city of Venice, near Basilica dei Frari or near San Marco church. Others trusted us online and then, once in Venice, they came to personally meet us. Many of you became friends of ours. We know that many of you suggested our Atelier to your friends or to others online by writing reviews on TripAdvisor. We feel very thankful to each of you: it just and only thanks to you and to your comments that we have been awarded of 5/5 evaluation on TripAdvisor.

                                                                            This is the Award Quality certificate that you all gave to us in the past years and nothing more could be more valuable for us:

                                                                            TripAdvisor Atelier MAREGA Venitian Masks Costumes Events


                                                                            Atelier Marega is a symbol of handmade Venice quality production, with the full respect of tradition, costumers and artisans/decorators.

                                                                            Your Venice Carnival Dresses and Costumes

                                                                              Carnival 2015 is not that far, It’s time that you start to get ideas to be the most beautiful in the whole Venice! How? Well, that’s quite easy: hire you Carnival costumes now and be sure that will enjoy the Carnevale of Venice the most!

                                                                              We offer you our handmade collection of more than 200 luxury costumes in Venice to choose your favorite one and be absolutely astonishing.

                                                                              Our Venetian costumes are handmade sewed by our stylist Silvia and are inspired to the ‘700 and ‘800 centuries’ fashion style:

                                                                              Venice Carnival Costumes are also for men, of course. Have a look to just some examples:

                                                                              Here you are some picture of persons who decided to rent or buy  Venice Carnival costumes made by Atelier Marega:

                                                                              You could also choose to wear an historical costumes from the Venetian and Italian Costumes tradition:

                                                                              Carnival Costumes Venice

                                                                              Carnival Costumes Venice – Plague’s Doctor

                                                                              Atelier Marega costumes have been appreciated worldwide, from Zurich to China: to present its Spring 2014 Collection, Max Mara invited Atelier Marega to show its costumes in Zurich during a three day exhibition – from 6 to 8 March 2014.

                                                                              Check now our catalog of costumes for your Carnival in Venice and book now or buy your Venetian costumes online. Don’t wait! The Carnival Festival in Venice on February 2015 is just round the corner and you do not want to miss this occasion in Italy to have fun! 

                                                                              Characters from Commedia dell’Arte: Colombina

                                                                                Columbine (in Italian, Colombina, “little dove“; in French, Colombine) is a stock character in the Commedia dell’Arte.
                                                                                She is Harlequin‘s mistress, a comic servant playing the tricky slave type and wife of Pierrot.  She springs from the same kind of popular world as her faithful companion in adventure, and, on occasion, her disconsolate lover, Harlequin.

                                                                                Colombina is the mischievous and charming serving wench of the Commedia dell’Arte, a comic character who is not always a mirror of virtue. 

                                                                                She is dressed in a ragged and patched dress, appropriate to a hired servant. Occasionally, under the name Arlecchina she would wear amotley, similar to her counterpart Arlecchino (Harlequin). She was also known to wear heavy makeup around her eyes and carry a tambourine, which she could use to fend off the amorous advances of Pantalone.

                                                                                She was often the only functional intellect on the stage. Columbina aided her mistress, the innamorata, to gain the affections of her one true love, by manipulating Arlecchino and counter-plotting against Pantalone, while simultaneously managing the whereabouts of the innamorato. She may be a flirtatious and impudent character, indeed a soubrette but without losing her judgment.

                                                                                Although Columbina became the dominant name (known as Columbine in France and England), other names under which the same character is played in Commidian performances include: fantesca (maid), servetta (female servant), Franceschina, Smeraldina, Oliva, Nespola, Spinetta Ricciolina, Corallina and Diamantina.

                                                                                The History of the Authentic Venetian mask: Rules on the Masks

                                                                                  Rules on the masks

                                                                                  The ancient and very common use of the masks and costumes in Venice was covered by strict rules, even if  there were a good deal of freedom because the costume was permitted for several months of the year  this was the proof that masks and  costumes were accepted as usual way of dress.

                                                                                  The masks and costumes create illusions. Furthermore the use of masks and costumes put the people on the same level, rich and poor, card-sharpers, casino owners and incautious and penniless gamblers.

                                                                                  Venice Carnival

                                                                                  Costumes and Masks in Venice

                                                                                  The Venetian masks also allowed illicit incursions into private lives and as a consequence, confidences were given to the State Inquisitors, “veiled” behind the papier machè masks, listening to all and repeating all. As  a great consequences, though, what  the laws did do was to leave us a broad view of the moral decadence into which the city had fallen because of the mask, to which it was only an apparently discrete accomplice.

                                                                                  Thanks to it, in fact, libertines had a free hand in their every adventure, courtesans unrestrainedly practiced their love for money, homosexuals hid their illicit love from the world, nuns, women forced into the convent against their wills, abandoned themselves to their lovers, shy young lovers hid from the rude stares of the world, behind what was only a fragile screen, hoping to pass unobserved in the midst of it all. A vain hope, because almost everything has come down to us in the painful syntax of the Republic’s informers, very able when it came to collecting information, less able when it came to writing it down.