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The year was 1981 and in the Venice’s heart, a few steps away from the famous Frari’s church, a man called Carlo Marega starts his own commercial enterprise  in a really small shop of only 25 m2.At that time, the young Carlo  born in Murano’s island and  strong from his artistic and cultural heritage, open  his  shop’s doors with  his own creations of some small and wonderful things of glass lampworking.

He believes in Venice and its potentialities.In that years in Venice, Carlo is able to participate in the rebirth of the magical and famous festival called Carnival.

Carlo’s business vendor brings him to incentivize his own activity, adding the masks on his collection; in this way he is able to extend his business and his artistic production.

With the aid of pencils, Indian ink, gold and silver levees, precious lace, damask ‘s fabric and other rich and special materials, in different styles and decoration the Venetian and ancient art of making the masks become again to live in our tradition thanks to Carlo’s hands.  In his little  small workshop there are many shelves in which many masks from every kind of material and finely decorated are exhibited. Venice, The cosmopolitan town for excellence receive every day thousands of visitors. ...more

The business increases  insomuch as Carlo feels the need to enlarge his spaces.

Thus, in 1986, with  his brother ‘support,   Renzo, new graduate, Carlo opens his second store, a bigger point of sales in the shelter of San Marco ‘square.

The strict work education teach by his family  and thanks to his business vendor will push Carlo to open a third and forth stores respectively in the San Rocco and San Toma’s area.The incessant work undertakes without any break Carlo’s life, giving him a lot of satisfactions.Carlo ‘staff  jack up in very fast way, keeping mainly a family corporate image.

The styles and several techniques get improve.The precious unique and original creations are required in Italy and also abroad.Another shop open the doors in the shelter of San Zaccaria.

But all these is not enough for restrain the sense of  search and trial always alive in Carlo’s mind and heart. The push of  launch a new and exciting creative path is really strong in Carlo’s mind.

In 2005 come into the world Atelier Marega.

Atelier Marega is a design studio in which fantasy, creativity and skills join up the history.In these areas high costume shop, faithful copies of the fashion of the Venetian 700  are moulding from their learned hands of Leo and Silvia, skilful Atelier, Marega’s costumers.           Atelier Marega poco a poco gets a scintillating and multi-colored Kaleidoscope.

Among sewing machines,  colored sketches hang on the wall, Carlo’s dream takes shape:

that is to say create a synergy between époque costumes and masks, two different too different, both having the same Venetian origins. Masks  and costumes complement one another.

A perfect bond that enchant the gaze and thought-provoking the curiosity of anybody  who, is closeness to the shops that take the name of Atelier Marega.

The Venetian Carnival returns to be an amusement and pastime moment.Masks, disguise, play and sparks masked ball in famous and historical location gets a pleasant passion.

Marega events

Atelier Marega is not able to stop.In the meantime that Atelier Marega’s team has a lot of success  in a continue realization of masks and costumes, Carlo finds another key to open a new door. In 2011 born Marega Events, the young cultural daughter of the ripe Atelier Marega. Marega Events is a company skilled in the event planning of several kind: private event, theme party, Gala’s dinner, masked ball, etc.The perfect venue for these kinds of events are noble and famous  Venetian Palace or other well-known hotel and place situated in the beautiful and magical Venice.

In occasion of the Carnival 2013 Marega Events organizes a masse ball titled “ Venice, the Sea’s bride”. The masked ball takes place in the wonderful  Palace Ca’Zen’s frame, noble and historical residence. The unexpected but deserved success, it becomes the leitmotif for the next carnival. The idea of creating a series of carnival balls which, while following the same line, you recreate year after year, enriched with fresh news.

Carnival 2014 marks the beginning. Marega Events organizes the first Casanova’s masked ball, entitled”Casanova Grand Ball, Vices & Virtues.”Pleasure, fun, taste. The guests stripped  out of  their modernity, have been playfully called to relive the splendor of a glorious past in an alternation of costumes, masks, music, dancing and sweet and savory dishes prepared according to the traditional Venetian cuisine.

Marega Events Casanova Grand Ball.

Marega Events is proud of the success achieved, announces for Carnival 2015, arrival of the second Great Ball of Casanova titled, “Casanova Grand Ball, Saint Valentine’s Night, Love & Fire” which will be held at Palazzo Ca ‘Zeno, during the night more passionate of the year; the night of Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2015.

Finally, the Atelier Marega  organizes demonstrations and workshops for individuals or groups.The mascherere is a profession that draws its origins in the past centuries

Some of our spaces are used for the occasion, a real art workshops in which participants, using the help of our expert staff will be able to immerse in the creation and decoration of masks, according to the dictates of the Venetian tradition.



Papier-mâché (French for "chewed paper", [papje maʃe], English /ˌpæpi.eɪ ˈmæʃeɪ/ or /ˌpeɪpər məˈʃeɪ/), alternatively, paper-mache, is a composite material consisting of paper pieces or pulp, sometimes reinforced with textiles, bound with an adhesive, such as glue, starch, or wallpaper paste.
The origin of this costume that is to say the plague Doctor is not Italian but French. The Blck Plague it was very common in Venice because Venice was a trade City. They were only two methods for keeping the Plague out of the door such as: - Building of votive churches - Organitation of medialcal facilities The doctors had a particular dress for the medical exhamination. They wore a tunic made of linen or waxe canvas, in this way the disease was not able to ass through the tunic. The doctors used also a kind of stick, in this way he was able to lift the blankets without keeping in touch with the sick people. The Doctor for protecting his face used a sort of mask that was a similar to a bird with the glasses. In this bigger mask he put some healing herbs in this way he was not able to smell the bad smell of the sick people. So, we can say that the Plague Doctor is not a Carnival costume, but it is a symbol of the fatal epidemic fever.
A mask is an object normally worn on the face, typically for protection, disguise, performance or entertainment. Masks have been used since antiquity for both ceremonial and practical purposes. They are usually worn on the face, although they may also be positioned for effect elsewhere on the wearer's body, so in parts of Australia giant totem masks cover the body, whilst Inuit women use finger masks during storytelling and dancing.
Arlecchino is one of the most important character in the Commedia dell’Arte. His role is basically the second manservant. Harlequin is contemplated as a stupid,comic, dumb and greedy servant. His costume is made of a patchwork of coloured fabrics. One of the most important aspect of Arlecchino was his physically agility.
Brighella is a character born in Upper Bergamo. This character belongs to the Commedia dell’Arte. Brighella is considered the cunning servant and for this reason, different from another character that is to say Arlecchino. One of the most particular features of Brighella is to dupe people. This features is also demonstrated in his name, indeed Brighella took origin from the Italian word “Briga or Brigare” that mean dupe people. Brighella is a capable, smart servant . he was ready to serve his master in everything. Brighella was plenty of qualities such as to be an unscrupulous man and above all adaptable,. For example we can find him in every rules such as in the shoes of the host, or of the majordomo also to pretend to be a sergeant. Brighella’s costume is a very simple one. It is a white coat decorated by some green strips and this costume remember a sort of Zanni’s livery. Sometimes we see him in a cloak and a curious, shabby green hat.
The Moretta was a paper machè mask in black velvet, it was appreciated and used by the women world. This mask was also loved by men, because of its function. Indeed the woman, who wore that mask was unable to speak. This happens because to make it adhere on the woman face the woman had to keep between her lips a little button .
Pantalone is one of the most well-known Venetian character, he belongs to the Italian Commedia dell’Arte. The role of Pantalone is linking without doubts to the merchant job. In the Art Comedy Pantalone stand for an old ,rich and libertine man but also he represented a merchant in economy crisis . So we can say that Pantalone symbolize the Ethic and the trading Society. Indeed the trading society was very important and tried to prevail in the ruling class. The costume of Pantalone consist in : a wool cap, a red coat and short trousers in nautical style, then he used to wear a belt and sometimes from this belt there were some objects hang on it such as bag, sword and handkerchief. When was cold Pantalone used a black cape lined of a red fabric, and on his foot put on slipper shoes Turkish style. Pantalone’s mask was black or red effect leather , this mask stand out some important physiognomy features for example the hooked nose and beetling eyebrows.