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General Conditions




We ship worldwide
For shipment to Italy we use the express courier GLS

For international shipping we use  FedEx & DHL



Costs are calculated based on destination, weight, size of the package and the type of service you choose. Precise estimates will be possible once the order is confirmed.


After receiving payment via pay pal or bank transfer will process your order within a short time. If the product is in stock, we can dispatch the item after 1-2 days from the date of payment, if the item was not available but is in the process of production we could process your order within 4-6 days from the date of payment.

How quickly will I receive my order if you are outside iTALY?

How quickly will I receive my order if I am in Italy?


To enable you to easily track the status of orders, once it has started shipping the national’ll send you an email with the code “tracking number” with which you can track your order at any time on the courier’s website. With regard to the monitoring of orders with international shipping will be worth an e-mail sent by FedEx  or DHL automatically created with all the information to check the status of your order’s shipment.


The products are carefully packed in harmony with nature, in fact, our specialists in shipping used to lock in the package items to send old newspapers and other types of packaging materials are recycled.
This is an eco-friendly solution that is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable, also ensures the protection of the items purchased.




For payments through www.paypal.com you can use the following credit cards, or you can pay by bank transfer. All prices are in €. The package part upon receipt of payment.


Pay via Pay Pal is a guarantee as protecting privacy and protecting your personal and financial information with advanced systems for automatic encryption. In addition, a team of anti-fraud controls transactions 24 hours 24.


You can check the exchange rate at the following link: http://www.google.com/finance/converter


By now most of the purchases are made via the Internet

Every day we receive many emails, messages on face book and positive feedbacks from all our customers both, old and new, which many claim to be satisfied and happy of purchases made through our e-commerce platform.

Many buyers want to emphasize that the photos do not do justice to the beauty and uniqueness of our products beautifully designed and decorated by hand, as the artisan tradition wants.

As you know it is really very difficult to judge a product by only a few pictures, on the other hand we try to make the picture as faithful as possible to the original article, in this way people can have an idea of what they are going to buy .

It is really difficult for some of our customers to return the merchandise they bought, but sometimes could happen.

Below you will find our return policy for different situations:


Atelier Marega specializes in the production of paper mache masks, costumes, three-cornered hats and other accessories.

Atelier Marega offers a selection of high quality products and authenticity guaranteed, because our products are made entirely by hand in our shop located in Venice.

In addition, all forms of Atelier Marega come with a label that ensures the authenticity of our products.


The masks can be worn easily?

Yes, most of our masks are designed to be worn and are supplied with two strips of cloth tape to tie the mask comfortably.


Our masks are designed to be worn, and each of them is provided with strips of fabric that can be tied to the head. Some models are made only for decorative purposes.


Our masks are made ​​of papier mache and decorated by hand in our four stores located in Venice.

The most commonly used materials are: paper mache, paper towels, glue, cracking the technique cracked, gold leaf, silver leaf, copper leaf, lace of different patterns, sizes and colors, Swarovski crystals, acrylics , fabrics, trimmings, various applications of metal feathers and many other products that make our product unique.

As for the material used in some of our collections such as for example in the line Sexy masks the material used is metal with additions of material of various kinds such as Swarovski crystals, applications fabric etc.

On our website each and every product comes with an explanation of the materials and techniques used to make that item unique.

Masks are entirely handcrafted and hand-painted, worn or used as a decorative object.

The masks are the same as the pictures on the site?

We are a studio: we produce our articles. We guarantee the quality and uniqueness of each piece that, as handmade, may be slightly different from the one photographed on site.

The masks can be hung as decorative objects?

Most of the masks that are within our website can be hung with the exception of doves that can be used that is worn as ornaments.

Made from custom forms?

Directly producing our items, there is the ability to customize on demand masks for all types of events, weddings, costume parties, corporate incentives, etc.

For the production of masks and other personalized items please contact us without any obligation.

For more information please contact us by calling us at the following number: +39 0415244650 or send an email to: info@marega.it


Can I become a reseller?

If you have a store, a website, or you are opening a business and want to start selling our products, please contact us and we will provide all the information needed to become a reseller.

email address: info@marega.it

Do you have a printed catalog to be provided?

No, our catalog is online because it is constantly updated.

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