Atelier Marega is proud to have been chosen to be part of Expo Veneto.

Expo Veneto is the showcase of the events proposed by the productive system, the local authorities and associations of the Venetian territory running from May 1st to October 31st, 2015 on the occasion of the Expo of Milan.

ExpoVeneto was founded with a double objective:
to promote our top quality products and services worldwide and possibly attract foreign capital.
A double binary of internationalization that becomes strategic for the economic relaunch through the acquisition of new markets.

Atelier Marega and Expo Veneto 2015

Atelier Marega and Expo Veneto 2015


Supporting the “Made in Venice”, promoting and presenting it to the millions of tourists that will visit the territory on the occasion of the Expo 2015, will become an incentive for the local economic recovery.

Our products (masks and costumes) are all handmade in Venice and strongly tied to the local traditions of our citiy:
Our papier mache masks are handmade and decorated according to the technical traditions. The job of the mascherer dates back to 1300 and with us it continues to live. As for the costumes, our Atelier produces handmade historical costumes which are created after historical researches on 1700 and 1800 fashion in Venice. 


Furthermore, the portal is aimed at creating synergies encouraging a widespread participation and a shared realization, through work that can be prolonged beyond the Expo 2015, presenting the Venetian territory as a system able to march compactly in the framework of international competition.

For Visitors

Expo Veneto portal allows you to live the Universal Exposition in a way never experienced before: the Expo not as an EXPosition but as an EXPerience. You can learn more about the events and exhibitions that most interest you.

So, you can find Atelier Marega’s acrtivities on the portal and especially:

Mask-making demonstration

Mask decoration workshop

Jump into the past


We wish you a nice journey in our country!