You might think that getting to Venice is not that easy, and maybe also expensive. To be fair, you have many choices on how to get to Venice: train, plain, bus, car.

How to...get to Venice

How to…get to Venice

Let’s begin:

  • If you can choose to get to Venice by train, you have done a very good choice.
    The train station is inside the historical city and its name is “Venezia Santa Lucia”, the last train stop (do not get off at “Venezia-Mestre”, unless you don’t want to go to Mestre, of course!). Once you exit the train station, the Canal Grande will immeditely welcome you. Not that bad, ah?!

We suggest you to try to book your train tickets in advance, online directly on the websites of Trenitalia or Italo. You might find some good offer to get cheaper tickets. Particularly, Italo company has recently started to promote special tickets’ offer to come to Venice for Carnival.



Download Italo app on your smartphone and it seems you could get till 50% discount if you travel on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. There are also special offers for families. ( Just to write it clearly: this is just a tip by Atelier Marega. We are not Italo Train and we cannot assure you anything!)

  • If you are getting to Venice by plane through Marcopolo Airport, get on bus number 5 and you will arrive at the main entrance of Venice – Piazzale Roma – in 20/30 minutes, usually.
  • If you are getting to Venice by bus, the final destination of your journey will Venezia – Piazzale Roma. From here on…the water starts!
  • If you are getting to Venice by car, you have to park it. You have several car-parks solutions. Here you are the main ones:
    – to park in Piazzale Roma – here, you are already in Venice. You can walk or take a Vaporetto (water bus) to get to your destination.
    – to park at Tronchetto island – a close island connected to Venice by Vaporetto or by the People Mover to get to Piazzale Roma
    – to park before Bridge of Libertà (Freedom) – you can choose between several car-parks. From here, it’s easy to get on a bus going to Venezia – Piazzale Roma. You can buy your bus tickets at the parking.
People Mover Venice

People Mover Venice

We wish you a safe trip to Venice!