The Casanova Grand Ball, on 14th February, Saturday is an exclusive event that takes place every year during Carnival in Venice.

This year, will have two guest stars. We are sure you don’t want to miss them and their exhibitions!

On Facebook we gave two clues to let you guess who is the first guest start that we are going to present you today:

If you got it…well: congratulations!!! 

In case you haven’t recognized….him (so, it’s a man!)…

Here he is: OUR GUEST STAR that will perform at the CASANOVA GRAND BALL, LOVE & FIRE 2015 is ….

Gustavo Ollitta performing with an Atelier Marega mask

Gustavo Ollitta performing with an Atelier Marega mask

Gustavo Ollitta is a Brazilian artist, specialized in creating unbelievable scenic designs with torches, lights, fire and much more. His shows are intriguing and everything is realized according to the music.

After a good day at highschool, Gustavo discovered with a friend a pair of Poi. Since this day on 2007, he has began his journey of manipulation.
On 2010, Gustavo Ollitta started his career with the Equipe Performatica B i o l u m i n i , performing in a lot of festivals(Universo Paralello 11,12 – Earthdance, Mundo de Oz, Ozora Festival 2013, Boom Festival 2012) and events around Brazil. Having different style of performances, Gustavo studied at Contemphorary Circus School located in Italy (Scuola di Cirko Vertigo): here he has started his career outside his country.

Gustavo Ollitta works to share with the world something unique!

What could you expect from him performing at Casanova Grand Ball? Who knows!!! For sure, the magic of the fire will be around 😉

WELCOME TO THE CASANOVA GRAND BALL, LOVE AND FIRE: book your tickets now and experience the most exciting night you have ever had!