We are all definitely back from Christmas holidays and here, in Venice, we look forward to Venice Carnival 2015.

In Italian, we use to say “L’Epifania tutte le feste porta via”, meaning that the Epiphany feast is the last one of the
Christmas period.  So, here we are, one day ahead, looking forward to the Venice Carnival 2015. If you still do not know where
you will celebrate it, this could be the perfect timing to decide to come to Venice.

This year the Carnival will start pretty soon: from 31 January to 17 February 2015.

Venice Carnival Dates 2015

Venice Carnival Dates 2015

The Venice Carnival is the most known and oldest festival in the World! This is also the perfect period to experience Venice.
Thousands of tourists arrive from all over the World to take part in Venice most important event, all dressed up in fancy costumes!
You can be part of a unique and magical scenery. Be sure to wear your Venetian mask and get lost in the narrow streets
(“calli”) of our beloved city: see Venice from behind your mask. It is a unique lifetime experience and you will be just enchanted by the Carnival in Venice.

Venice Carnival 2015 Grand Ball -  Foto by Studioimmagine

Venice Carnival 2014 Grand Ball – Foto by Studioimmagine

To fully experience it, choose your mask from our catalog of handmade historic costumes and papier-machè handmade masks and be sure to get your favorite one before everyone else. Or come to visit our four shops located in Venice.  Trust our costumers who have already visited us, read their comments on TripAdvisor. 



Live the intrigue and the legendary life of Casanova: lose yourself in the magic atmosphere of the Casanova Grand Ball, dressed up in a masked costume, inside the historic Venetian Palazzo Ca’ Zen located in the heart of Venice.


Casanova Grand Ball Venice

Casanova Grand Ball Venice

Reserve your tickets now and experience the Venetian Carnival, an event that has for centuries invaded the spirits of its participants, leaving them enchanted by all the fun, crazyness, romance and mystery that only this Carnival creates for you!