Today is the first day of Autumn and it’s time to start thinking about Halloween, the main feast of this season.

If you are looking for something new, extravagant, different from any other Halloween masks or costumes, then you are in the right place!

We have prepared a selection of Halloween Masks from our collection of Venetian Masks: they are made of papier machè or metal, they are modern or traditional, for adults or for children.

Touch Me

Our masks from the “Touch me” series are perfect as Halloween Masks: all hand-made and hand-decorated.

Only on our Etsy shop, discover the mask “Touch Me-Colombina”:


In this collection we combined traditional masks’ shape with hands: all is made of papier machè. They are all fully decorated and stunning!

Doctor with Hands V38

Devil with Hand V37

Zanni with Hand V36

Sexy Mask

The metal masks are as well perfect as Halloween Masks: they are all made with laser cut technique and further embellished Swarovski crystals. 

Bat Z15

Spider Web Z14

Little Fox Z07

Smoking Z03

Historical Masks

If you are instead looking for a traditional Venetian mask, these are just few examples of Historical Masks from the Venetian Tradition or from the Commedia dell’Arte:


Rook Mask M71

Scaramuche Mask M67

Plague's Doctor with Painting M33

The Jesters is a typical Hallowen mask: discover all our Jesters mask on our Etsy Shop:


What about kids? They are probably the ones who love more to get dressed and use costumes and masks. Discover our special collection of small little masks on our Etsy Shop!