Carnival is the feast of the winter.
In catholic countries, like Italy, this is the period before the start of the lent, which lasts for 40 days until Easter.
During ancient times, Carnival was also the celebration of the soil fertility after the winter and brought together rituals and fun: laughing to defeat the death (and the winter).

Nowadays, Italians use to say”a Carnevale ogni scherzo vale” (it also rhymes in our language!): meaning that during the Carnival period every joke counts. So, these days are charactired by tricks, masks, happiness and naughtiness. But also by dancing and entertainment as well as by hearty meal of sweets, in particular.

Only in the city of Milano, the Carnival lasts four days more: instead of ending on Tuesday (called: Martedì Grasso), it
finishes on Saturday. According to the tradition, this was due to the fact that Sant’Ambrogio Bishop announced that it would
have been back from its pilgrimage for the end of Carnival in order to celebrate the start of the Lent in Milano. So, the
population waited to wait for his return and thus extended the celebration of Carnival of fours days. That’s just a
tip: if you want to enjoy the Carnival a bit longer, go to Milano once it is ended in Venice!

Children particularly enjoy wearing costumes and masks, inspired to the heroes of the ancients times or of their favorite
cartoons: princess, princes, soldiers, wizards, witches. Some are handmade costumes (sewed by keen mothers and
grandmothers!) while others are industrial costumes.

The first Italian masks born in Venice and are known since the 13th century. They were used for different purposes: even
that of hiding from others. From Venice, masks started to spread all over Italy and Europe and were adpoted by the Theater.
It’s during the ‘700 that the masks reached their pick, especially thanks to the Carnival parties.

Every Italian region, even almost every city, has its own traditional mask:

Italian Masks Carnival

Italian masks in Italy

Similarly, every city has its own way and tradition for the celebration of Carnival. Among them, these are the most popular and amazing:

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What masks have you chosen this year? Are you going for a traditional or modern one? We must say that we are very curious!

Whatever you choose, wherever you will be, have a lot of fun!!