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Festa della Sensa 2015 in Venice

Italiano EnglishThis year the Festa della Sensa is held on May 17th. What is it? It is an ancient tradition that celebrates the relationship between Venice and the Sea: a symbolic marriage ceremony takes place. It dates back to around the year 1000, when Venice was emerging as a naval force in the Mediterranean Sea. The Fèsta de […]

Venice Carnival to start this weekend: details

Italiano EnglishHere is the evening program (from: of the opening event of the Carnival of Venice 2015, that will take place this weekend at Canale di Cannaregio: Saturday January 31st – 6.00pm to 6.30pm: first showing of “ The Magic Banquet – A Gourmet’s fairytale in Venice” – 6.30pm to 8.00pm: music and entertainment […]

Program Carnival in Venice 2015

Italiano EnglishHere is a summary of the main events of this year Venice Carnival, which is going to start soon. We can’t wait! Saturday January 31 – The huge “Festa veneziana” (firs part) opens, as usual, the Carnival with a theme-based show on the water and on the shore along il Rio di Cannaregio; – […]

The History of the Authentic Venetian Mask: the Maskmaker’s Shop in Venice

Italiano EnglishAtelier Marega is a maskmakers’ shop. Although someone might wrongly think that this profession started only recently with the touristic flows, the maskmaker ‘s activity goes back to 1400. On the 10th of April 1436, the Masters of the Painters’ guild in Venice, reorganizing the entire corporation, also founded  the profession of the Venetian […]

Your Comments are Your Gifts for Us

Italiano EnglishDuring our 30-years of work, our costumers have greatly appreciated our handmade Venetian products. Some of them accidentally came across our shops located in the historical city of Venice, near Basilica dei Frari or near San Marco church. Others trusted us online and then, once in Venice, they came to personally meet us. Many […]

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