Here we are: the Casanova Grand Ball 2015 is ready to start this Saturday. These are the last days to reserve your tickets.
Last week we introduced you our first Guest Star, Gustavo Ollitta. Today, we are going to introduce you to a second Guest Star, who will attend the Grand Ball organized by our Atelier at Ca’ Zen on San Valentin night.

Some of you have already recognized her on our facebook page where we published this picture, taken with Carlo Marega:

Carlo Marega and Tanja Shultz

Carlo Marega and Tanja Shulz-Hess

She is a true star of the Carnival of Venice, known for her extraordinary costumes. She is very creative and often re-uses daily-life-items to create her dresses.  You can now find some of her creations (wigs) at our Atelier in Venice: a unique chance!

After 14 years of work for Germany’s most prestigious political magazine –DER SPIEGELshe’s now living her new life as an independent artist: painting, creative work on fashion items such as clothes, hats, shoes etc., building and dismantling things have always been her real passion, her vocation.

Tanja Schulz-Hess got more and more interested in the Venetian Carnival and its costume history and developed her skills in costume making.  After winning the competition of “Most beautiful costume of the Carnival in Venice” three times in a row 2007, 2008 & 2009 (not one dream-come-true, but three!) she continues making costumes, not to win in the first place but because she loves the making, developing of ideas and to make the people who visit the Carnival in Venice happy.

By participating to the Casanova Grand Ball in Venice you will have the unique chance to get in touch with her and admire her costume, which will be a surprise for Atelier Marega too! Morever, Tanja a very lovely person to have talk with.

Her “Venetian love story” started in 1992 when she went on a cheap bus trip to Venice, Italy, for 3 days of Carnival with her friend Monika. After seeing the Carnival, she promised herself never to return to this fantastic world of stunning masks, dresses and stories told by the costumes, people made, without a being in real costume she made. Just buying one would have been too easy and especially not HERs.

So all costumes ever after and even her wedding dress was entirely glued with hot plastic glue.
Until today Tanja works “free hand” without patterns or tailor skills. This is why her costumes are more wearable sculptures than dresses:

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Every year Tanja’s costumes got bigger, brighter, more detailed, more “commenting nowadays life” –- which means they tell a story. Each costume has a history: why and how it is made, details to look at, background development history where the fabrics and laces (mostly old) come from. 90% of the materials are from fleamarkets around the world (but mostly Hamburg). Also hardware stores and friends houses are good sources for her inspiration and ideas… Litarally EVERYTHING can become a costume. Inspiration is everywhere.