If you haven’t decided yet your costume for this coming Carnival of Venice 2015, you might find this post interesting to get some ideas. The costume we are going to talk about today is very simple, but also the most traditional once. Being as simple as beautiful, with this costume your presence will be high standing.


Bauta Mask e dress - Venice Carnival 2015

Bauta mask and dress – Venice Carnival 2015

The “national” mask of the Serene Republic, the Venetian mask par excellence, this is the Bauta. Traditionally, this costume is made by a veil or a cape with the mask. The Bauta was an ample, all-enveloping black silk cloak and a cape or veil of black silk cloak and a cape or veil of black silk lace. To this, a black tricorn hat is normally added with also a falling down over the shoulders to cover half of the person.  The veil was actually the Bauta itself: the long cloak was called the Mantle.


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Nobody knows what is the origin of this costume but the use of the three-cornered hat would make us think that it is not that remote. However, everyone seems to agree on the fact that all masks and costumes were a levellers of every difference and that the Bauta was perfect in this respect. Men, women, traitors, spies, informers, the Doge, the State Inquisitors, foreign royalty: everyone could put themselves on the same level, equals, safe from insults and offences thanks to the protection of the Bauta, even in the eyes of the law.

The Bauta nowadays, like in the past, is the elegant protagonist of every  Venetian adventure and Carnival.