CREATUM introducing Arts and Traditions

Saturday 23rd January – Tuesday 9th February
Marco Maccapani: Artistic Director
Venice Carnival 2016
” Names of alleys (calli) and small town squares (campi) like “calle del forno”, “ruga dei oresi”, “campiello del remer”, “fondamenta dei vetrai”, “calle dei fuseri” or “frezzaria” are a tribute to the arts and trades and artisans and their mastery recount Venice’s unique history.

We are proudly part of these traditions as mask-makers. This is why we hope that, since this year Arts and Trades are the protagonists in the Carnival of Venice 2016, artisans and handmade crafts will be at the center of your attention! 



It all begins on 23rd January with the annual Festa Veneziana, held in the area of Cannaregio. The Carnival celebrations will be opened with a theme-based event on the water and on the banks. The day after, the Festa Veneziana and its Historical Parade of decorated boats (Corteo storico di imbarcazioni addobbate): the tradition of Venetian rowing embraces the Carnival by offering the public present along the Rio di Cannaregio, famous dishes in the Venetian cuisine – from fried sardines in a sweet-and-sour onion gravy (sarde in saor) and bigoli pasta served with an anchovy and onion sauce (bigoi in salsa) to sweets and soft fritters (fritole).

Saturday, 30th January, St. Mark’s Square – an extraordinary stage opens to the public and Venetian arts and traditions come alive with their old workshops; visitors become part of a film set. A bridge for a stage and a Ferris wheel for the Angel’s arrival – organized by scenographers from La Fenice Opera House– all to complete the set of a fairy-tale, where much-awaited traditional engagements come to life: the Festa delle Marie, historical parade of the 12 girls in magnificent Renaissance costumes; Sunday 31st January, the Flight of the Angel from St. Mark’s Bell tower, performed by Irene Rizzi, (2015 “Maria” Carnival winner).

In the week before Lent, from Thursday 4th to Tuesday 9th February an explosion of events, parties, parades:

Saturday 6th February: Fifty Shades of Casanova Grand Ball 2016, at Zeno Palace, near Frari Church, organized by our Atelier. Participants will be amused by Casananova and will enjoy a wonderful and magic night!


Sunday 7th February, at St. Mark’s Square, the finals of the Best Mask Competition, the Flight of the Eagle from St. Mark’s Bell Tower to the late – night celebrations at the Arsenale.
The Grand Final on Shrove Tuesday, when the 2016 Venice Carnival celebrates the glory of San Marco with the Volo del Leon, – the majestic St. Mark’s flag – the winged lion on a red background – that rendered the Serenissima Republic immortal in the Mediterranean area and in the eyes of the world.

Few days to the beginning of Carnival in Venice 2016. Since now Atelier Marega hope that ill enjoy the most wonderful Carnival in the world!