Numbers and passion will be the central theme of Fifty Shades of Casanova Grand Ball, with the presence of an expert and artist who will read our secrets still hidden in our names and destinies: Geraldo Lafratta, who has practiced the numerology science for last 15 years.


Numerology: what is it?

Numerology is the study of ourselves, based on the assignment of numerical values to the letters of our name and surname, and our date of birth. Popular was the practice of numerology among persons of the past such as St. Augustine and especially Pythagoras. It has always been easy to know their own talents and their own destiny through numerology.

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During the Grand Ball, every guest will have the chance to get to know a bit more of him/herself, sitting on a special passion sofa that…. Well, we don’t want to tell you everything! Let’s leave a bit of surprise and mistery to this magic event.


We can’t wait to open the door of Palazzo Zeno to all of you!