As many of you are going to wear one of our ‘700 costumes during this coming Carnival, it’s seems a good idea to us to talk  about the makeup of ‘700 century so that you could start to practice and be ready for your big event in Venice. And do not think that this post is just for women, as also men at that time used makeup.

Perfumes and talcum powder were spread and both women and men used to wear flashy wigs. Also, makeup reached its pick
in the ‘700 century, despite the opposition of the ecclesiastic world.So, the make up of this period is anything but natural and plain.

Make up during 1700

Make up during 1700

The main feature was the use of powder (even on hands, harms, decolté and neck), rouge and lipstick. Among these, the powder
was the most used one, especially the white powder in order to make women’s skin looks like porcelain.

A very important part of women’s makeup were the mouches: small confetti made by silk, taffetà or skin. They were usually black and
apllied to the face. These beauty spots had different meanings, as shown in this image:

1700 make up

1700 makeup

You can now choose where to put your beauty post and easily create it using a black makeup pencil.

Lipstick and blush were also highly used to let stand out the white skin. Cheeks were colored with two pink circles over the white
powder: the result was a fixed face, like a mask. As for the lipstick, the most spread one was a full red one.

Maria Antonietta

Maria Antonietta

As mentioned before, also men used the makeup: white powder for the face and red lipstick for the lips.
To get some inspiration, you may want to look for paintings of that period or for films settled during ‘700.

We hope this post has been helpful to create the perfect look for your dress during Venetian Carnival events! Are you looking for an exclusive party inside  a Palace of Venice? Check here!

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