During our 30-years of work, our costumers have greatly appreciated our handmade Venetian products.
Some of them accidentally came across our shops located in the historical city of Venice, near Basilica dei Frari or near San Marco church. Others trusted us online and then, once in Venice, they came to personally meet us. Many of you became friends of ours. We know that many of you suggested our Atelier to your friends or to others online by writing reviews on TripAdvisor. We feel very thankful to each of you: it just and only thanks to you and to your comments that we have been awarded of 5/5 evaluation on TripAdvisor.

This is the Award Quality certificate that you all gave to us in the past years and nothing more could be more valuable for us:

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Atelier Marega is a symbol of handmade Venice quality production, with the full respect of tradition, costumers and artisans/decorators.