The Fifty Shades of Casanova Grand Ball 2016 will take place on 6th, February in Venice and the location is breathless: the Zeno Palace – Cà Zen. [PhotoGallery below]


Palazzo Zeno is located near the Frari church and was built in the late fourteenth century by Carlo Zeno, “Capitano da mar”,  a hero in the Chioggia’s war waged by Venezia against Genova.

The facade – fine gothic style – of the palazzo overlooks the canal of San Stin and has been preserved intact. It is surmounted by elegant obelisks dating back to the seventeenth century.

The Palazzo near the Frari underwent various alterations over the centuries: the most important and far-reaching of which was the work of the architect Antonio Gasparri who was engaged by Alessandro Zeno who had been ambassador of the Serenissima at the court of the King Louis XV at Versailles. Alessandro, probably influenced by the splendors of the French court, decided to add a new wing to the antique palazzo, giving onto the courtyard. The interior decoration was renovated in a sumptuous manner. All the rooms of the palazzo are frescoed or decorated with stuccoes by the greatest artists of the period such as Antonio Pellegrini, Jacopo Guarana, Abbondio Stazio and Amigoni.

Even at the end of eighteenth century, despite the end of the Venetian Republic (1797) and the severe economies crisis, the Zeno family began a project to redecorate some rooms of the new wing with ceilings frescoed by Giuseppe Borsato.


The Zen family can be traced back to its very early origins having played a part in Venetian history ever since the time of the Partecipazio-Badoer. This family has also provided the Serenissima with a Doge ( Renier Zeno, 1253), as well as various ambassadors, senators and cardinals. The Zeno family still lives in the Palazzo.


PHOTO GALLERY – Palazzo Zeno: location of Casanova Grand Ball 2016 organized by Atelier Marega

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